Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum

Bodrum - Gökova - Bodrum
Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum

Orak Island

Your first stop for your Bodrum departing blue voyage tour is Orak Island. You can have a breakfast against the view in nature after swimming in the magnificent clear water.

Seven Islands – (Küfre – Long Harbor)- English Harbor

You can dive with snorkel, take a small walk in the forest in Seven Islands, which has many small islands and corals within. Your first stop in Seven Islands is Küfre Bay. Then you anchor to Long Harbor. Then you move to English Harbor. Lastly you will move off to Cleopatra Island.

Cleopatra Island – Karacasöğüt

Even the real name of the island is Sedir, because of the rumors that Cleopatra had swam here, the island got the name after Cleopatra. After you come across to Karacasöğüt Island you can discover this little village by walk, if you wish you can visit Marmaris which is 30 minutes away with public transportation. After you will move off to Löngöz Bay.

Löngöz – Tuzla

You can have small walks in the forest at Löngöz Bay, swim in the clear water and sit at the cafes on the shore. Then you will move to Tuzla. You can swim freely in the turquoise water here. You can have  your dinner and stay the night. Afterwards you move to Çökertme Bay.

Çökertme Bay

Çökertme Bay is surrounded with olive trees and as it has been declared as a specially protected environment, there is no housing around. You may enjoy the sea and the unique food at the restaurants around, at this quiet, peaceful and in touch with nature bay. You can get your basic needs for food and drinks from the restaurants and markets.

Kargılı – Kisebükü

After having a small break in Kargılı Bay you will move to Kisebükü which is within the boundaries of Mazı Village. This bay is an archeological SIT area. In Kisebükü which is home for 230 forests you can visit the ruins in the shore and you can have small walks. Then you will move to Pabuç Bill.

Pabuç Cape – Yalıçiftlik – Bodrum

Pabuç Cape is 6 miles far from Bodrum. As you are coming to the end of your holiday, you can enjoy the sea, the sun and the nature for one last time. Then you will anchor to Yalıçiftlik Bay.  Then to spend your last night you will come to Bodrum Harbor. You can explore Bodrum on your last night if you wish.