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Bodrum Gokova Bodrum Sailing Route & Yachting Itinerary

Bodrum - Gökova - Bodrum
Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum

Orak Island

The first stop of this sailing holiday that departs from Bodrum is Orak Island. Enjoy a delicious breakfast with the freshest local ingredients against a backdrop of stunning nature. Take a dip in the refreshingly cool turquoise waters before taking off to the next stop.

Seven Islands – (Kufre – Long Harbor)- English Harbor

Located in the Gulf of Gokova, the Seven Islands are a series of small idyllic islands with beautiful little outlets and reefs that make the sea here perfect for snorkeling, diving and swimming. The first stop in the region is Kufre Bay, before moving on to anchor in Long Harbour. The next stop of your yacht vacation route will be English Harbor before setting off for Cleopatra’s Bath.

Cleopatra’s Bath – Karacasogut

Cleopatra’s Bath, otherwise known as Sedir Island, was rumored to be the meeting point of Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, with golden sands shipped specially from Egypt. The island is also locally known as Cleopatra Island, for the legend that the historic couple honeymooned at this very location. Next on the sailing route is Karacasogut. Located about 25 kilometers and 30 minutes away from Marmaris, this quaint little village is a welcome escape from the bustle of town, and a much-frequented spot for sailing holidays. The village can be explored on foot, and there’s plenty of stunning nature to discover, including waterfalls and a spectacular cave. Next on the sailing route is Longoz Bay.

Longoz – Tuzla

A stunning and pristine spot, Longoz Bay boasts tranquil turquoise waters surrounded by deep green pine forests. Enjoy peaceful walks through the trees and refreshing dips before moving on to Tuzla, where the yacht will anchor overnight. Next on the sailing route is Cokertme Bay.

Cokertme Bay

A sheltered bay lined with pine and olive trees, Cokertme Bay is a protected area with therefore completely untouched nature. There is no housing in the area, and the bay is truly a stunning escape.  Enjoy the dazzlingly clear sea and the local fish restaurants.  Get in touch with nature, relax and rejuvenate in this remote and beautiful spot.

Kargili – Kisebuku

Following a small break at Kargili Bay, the sailing route will continue onto Kisebuku.  Located in the boundaries of Mazi Village, this bay is a protected archeological site that is home to ancient Byzantine ruins.  Enjoy pleasant strolls through the forests on shore and visit the ruins before the sailing route continues on to Pabuc Cape.

Pabuc Cape – Yaliciftlik – Bodrum

Located on the North coast of Bodrum, just about 6 kilometers from the center, Pabuc Cape is a great place to anchor.  Enjoy the crystal clear waters, bask in the sun and revel in the stunning nature for the last time before your yacht vacation comes to an end. After anchoring overnight in Yaliciftlik Bay, the sailing route will come to an end in Bodrum Harbour.