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Bodrum Hisaronu Bodrum Sailing Route & Yachting Itinerary

Bodrum - Hisarönü - Bodrum
Bodrum – Hisarönü – Bodrum

Palamutbuku – Inceburun

The first stop on your sailing holiday that departs from Bodrum is Palamutbuku. Located on the southern tip of the Datca peninsula, this is a picturesque bay that stretches out towards the Greek Islands of Symi and Rhodes. Panoramic views, cerulean waters, and the peaceful atmosphere make this the perfect place to take it easy, relax and enjoy a leisurely lunch. From here, this route will take you to Inceburun, a spot known for its cool weather and clean waters.

Aktur Bay – Bencik Bay

After swimming and meal breaks in Aktur, the sailing route will continue on to Bencik Bay, the narrowest point of the Datca Peninsula. A popular spot for yacht vacations, this bay provides all-round shelter and visitors can enjoy the sandy beach and swim or snorkel to explore the reef. Next, the route moves on to Inbuku.

Emel Sayın Bay – Orhaniye Bay – Selimiye Bay

Emel Sayin Bay was named for a much-loved Turkish musician, and it’s a lovely spot surrounded by pine forests. After a quick stop here for leisurely swims, the route continues to Orhaniye Bay. Located in the Gulf of Hisaronu, Orhaniye Bay is also known as Kecibuku, boasts stunning scenery and gorgeous nature. This magical location is famous for Kizkumu, or Maiden’s Sand, a true natural wonder in the shape of a reddish sand-path that rises from underwater and divides the gulf into two deeper parts. Walking from the shore into the sea creates the illusion of walking on water! In addition to this attraction, this spot is great for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying watersports. Next on the route is Selimiye, a charming and blissful little spot. With completely unspoiled nature, ancient ruins and lovely fish restaurants, this bay is a beautiful location that you can visit during your sailing holiday with your private charter yachts.

Dirsekbuku – Bozburun

The route continues in Dirsekbuku, a bay that offers ideal shelter and crystal-clear waters. A short stop here to delight in the natural beauty and take a quick dip in the dazzling sea and the day will continue by taking off to Bozburun. Bozburun is a quaint little fishing village that was once the center of sponge-diving in Turkey. The livelihood of the town people now mostly depends on the production of traditional gulets, the wooden boats used for the classic sailing holidays. The next stop is Datca.

Datca- Knidos

A small harbor town located close to the ancient city of Knidos, Datca is one of the most-loved stops on sailing holiday routes. On a short walk through town visitors can wander around and admire the charming historical stone houses. This area is also a hotspot for diving and windsurfing. From here it’s on to Knidos! A must-see on yacht vacations, Knidos is located on the tip of the Datca peninsula and is home to a myriad of stunning ancient ruins. This is a unique chance to explore the remains of an ancient city that was occupied and ruled by many different civilizations throughout history.

Karaada – Meteor Bay – Poyraz Harbor

The sailing route continues in Karaada, an island just six kilometers off the coast of Bodrum which is a popular stop for sailing holidays. Contrary to its name, meaning black island, the scenery here is of classic Mediterranean greenery and stunning shades of turquoise and cerulean in the cool waters. Anchor here for a swim in Poyraz Bay. Close by in Meteor Bay, enjoy diving in underwater caves that were supposedly formed by a meteor crash, many thousands of years ago. The sea around this area is said to have healing powers with sulfurous waters and mud baths. The yacht vacation comes to an end in Bodrum, and the last hours of the trip can be spent exploring the charming town.