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Marmaris Fethiye Marmaris Sailing Route & Yachting Itinerary

Marmaris – Fethiye – Marmaris

Ekincik Gulf – Dalyan

The first stop of your Marmaris sailing holiday is Ekincik Gulf. With unmatched natural beauty, Ekincik Gulf is the perfect place to pick-up any necessities for your trip, enjoy short walks in nature and bask in crystal clear waters. Next up is Dalyan – the perfect place for swimming in crystal clear waters, trying a mud bath and enjoying walks in nature. You can often encounter sea turtles here, as it is one of the most important spawning areas for them. After discovering Dalyan, you move to your next destination, Oludeniz.

Manastir Bay – Aga Harbor

Manastir Bay is located between picturesque hills covered in olive and pine trees and is a peaceful and silent bay to retreat. The most famous two places to stay in Manastir Bay are Hammam Bay and Kapi Bay. These two bays will undoubtedly make your yacht vacation more pleasant with their historical richness and unique landscape. Next up is Aga Harbor, where you will be able to have a swimming break, spend the night and enjoy its spectacular nature. Then you move on to your next stop, Oludeniz.

Oludeniz – Gemiler Island

Oludeniz attracts many foreign and domestic tourists with its clear, calm and turquoise waters. Here, you may choose to lie back and enjoy the sea, sun and nature or you can opt for something more active and experience paragliding, which is a very popular activity in the region. After that you move to Gemiler Island which is a grade 1 natural site area.  Here, you can climb to the top to watch the magnificent view and also visit the ancient city. Then you set sail for Turunc Pinari.

Turunc Pinari – Fethiye

Turunc Pinari  which can only be reached from the sea, is famous for its breathtaking nature and clear waters. If you wish, you can enjoy the sun, sea and nature here, after you have your breakfast in the bay. Your next stop after Turunc Pinari is Fethiye. You can stop by this cute little town where you can pick up any necessities, take small walks, visit historical sites and enjoy the raw beauty of its nature. From here you move to Tersane Island.

Tersane Island – Bedri Rahmi Bay

This island has been home to many civilizations throughout history and is called Tersane (Shipyard) Island as it had been used as a shipyard during the Ottoman period. If you wish, you can opt for short walks, visit historical remains close by, and swim in its magnificent crystal waters. The next stop on our route is Bedri Rahmi Bay. Even though the real name of this bay is Tasyaka, it is now referred to as Bedri Rahmi (after the famous Turkish painter and poet) after he drew one of his famous fish figures on a rock here during a sailing vacation in the 70s . If you wish you can stay here overnight and head to Kumlubuk the next day.

Kumlubuk – Cennet Island

As you near the end of your yacht vacation you can enjoy the sun, sea and nature in Kumlubuk, which is located in close proximity to Marmaris. If you wish, you can go snorkelling here. Your last stop is Cennet Island where you can have a little swimming break, or go on land to have a walk under the trees. Then you will head to the town of Marmaris where you will finalize your holiday.  You may choose to spend your last night in Marmaris and enjoy the restaurants and night-life here.