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8 Sailing Routes You Can Prefer in Winter

For sea lovers, sailing vacation in winter is among the most favorite activities. Especially in the winter, regions with a warm climate are the most preferred routes for a winter holiday on a boat. Winter in bays, gulfs, and coasts is a quiet period with less crowd. When autumn has just ended, but the heavy winter season is not here yet, this period can be a chance to take a vacation, relax, and sail. If you have a sailing dream, to the warm seas for a calm and pleasant rest in winter, continue reading about the boat holiday routes with a warm climate.

Is it Possible to Take a Yacht Charter Vacation in Winter?

When the winter season is on the door, it may be thought that the holiday is over, and it is necessary to wait for the spring for a yacht charter vacation, but this is not entirely true. Thanks to new technologies, boat tours can be made in all seasons, with boats suitable for winter conditions. Also, necessary precautions can be taken before going on a yacht charter vacation in accordance with the weather conditions. The first condition is to consider the climatic conditions and make planning accordingly. In addition, the preference for routes with warm or hot climates, even in winter, is another factor that makes yacht charter vacations enjoyable in winter.

Recommendations for Those Who Love Warm Seas!  

Regions with warm climates are ideal for enjoying the sun and the sea. Routes with such a climate are perfect for sailing for those who love warm waters. In fact, preferring these routes for a winter holiday on the boat increases the possibility of spending a longer and more pleasant time at sea. If you are one of those who prefer a boat trip during your winter vacation, you can take a look at some routes in the warm seas.

The Maldives

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives consists of 1200 islands. With its warm climate, it is one of the ideal routes for those who love the sea and sailing holidays. The Maldives is among the world-famous tourist areas with its clear and warm sea. The Maldives, where blue and green come together, stands out with its unique texture. It is one of the most frequently preferred routes, especially among those looking for a tour or vacation by the sea.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a region that is less known than the Maldives. Therefore, the question of where Cape Verde is often asked. Cape Verde is an African country located in the Atlantic Ocean, also known as the Cape Verde Islands. Consisting of 18 islands, Cape Verde has a mild climate. So, for sea lovers, a yacht charter vacation is a great choice in winter. The climate, which has arid and extreme temperatures in the summers, is replaced with mild weather in the winters. Thus, the warm waters in Cape Verde are perfect for a sailing holiday.


Tenerife is an island located in Spain and is known as the largest island in Spain.  Tenerife is among the major holiday destinations and is a favorite among tourists. Tenerife welcomes more than 5 million tourists throughout the year. Summers in Tenerife are short, dry, and humid, while winters are long, hot, and cloudy. Therefore, it is among the ideal routes to sail in the winter.


Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. The country is surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Thailand has a tropical climate. Although the winter season, between November and February, is cooler than other periods, the number of rainy days is less. Also, Thailand has hot weather conditions in March and April, and rainy weather conditions in May and October.  In the region, which is visited by more than 20 million tourists every year, a boat trip to Thailand in winter is a good option for sea lovers.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is a group of islands in the United Kingdom. Since it is in the equatorial region, it is frequently visited by tourists throughout the year. Here, the summers are hot, long, and mostly cloudy, and the winters are mild, hot and cloudy. The temperature rarely drops below 22°C throughout the year. For this reason, the winter season is suitable for sailing holidays.


Located in the Caribbean Sea, Martinique is an overseas island territory of France. The island of Martinique has a tropical climate. Martinique is among the routes you can prefer for the winter season on the boat.


Seychelles is an island country on the African continent and is located in the Indian Ocean. It has more than 115 islands. The region is very close to Ecuador. Although the equatorial climate is warm, the climate of Seychelles is mild due to the trade winds. Annual average temperatures range from 24 °C to 29 °C. Tourists highly visit Seychelles throughout the year for holidays. In addition, Seychelles is preferred for activities such as a honeymoon. The best seasons in Seychelles are April-June and September-November. Due to its mild climate, it is among the preferred routes for boat tours in the winter season. The best season for a boat tour is spring and summer.    


Cuba is an island country located in the Caribbean, in the North American continent. Cuba has a semi-tropical climate. There is not much temperature difference between the summer and winter seasons, the annual average temperature is 26°C, so it is possible to enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea in Cuba. for Sailing Holidays in All Seasons!

As a sea lover, if you are dreaming of a yacht charter vacation in winter and enjoy it in all seasons, you can take advantage of the campaigns through now!