Bodrum Turkey


Bodrum is a holiday town which has a potential of high visitors as well as foreign and domestic tourists stream in here during summer period. Bodrum is also one of the stops for many, not only for summer time, but also for spring and fall. You can say hi to summer with a smooth spring weather, and during the fall you can have your last summer vacation with the cool breeze of winds called zefir.

If you decide to have your vacation in Bodrum, you will have many options; you can stay in luxury resorts, have sunbaths in the beaches, watch the infinite sea and the sky, discover underwater, visit historical ruins, museums, shopping centers and enjoy the night life. Another option is blue voyage. Blue voyage tour is a very ideal vacation option for the ones who want to live the sun, sea, sand trio and discover the unique bays around the sea. You would enjoy the sea fully in the bays of Bodrum which has all tones of blue and green. While resting your soul during the blue voyage, you can make many enjoyable activities such as diving, water sports and wind surfing. While Karaada – Kaçakçı Bay, Karaada – Delikli Cave and Karada – Aksona Bill are the best diving points, Bitez and Akyaka are the most suitable places for wind surfing.

You can visit the famous bays which can only be reached via the sea

You may visit many bays during your boat tour in Bodrum. Some of these bays can be reached through the land, while some can only be reached through the sea. During your blue voyage, far from the crowd you can peacefully enjoy the sea, the sun and the nature in the bays which can not be reached through the land.

You can have little tours to the archeological sites which are in the bays that you visit

Bodrum has been home to many empires such as Persian, Byzantium, Roman and Ottoman and located in an area which is historically very rich. It is possible to see the signs of history everywhere. You can step the land and see the ruins from these civilizations and have a joyous small trip through the history. For instance, if you will have a blue voyage at Bodrum – Göcek – Bodrum route, you can visit Bozukkale which was Rhodes’ land in the past, Dalyan which has an ancient city within, Byzantium Monastery ruins in Yassıca, and Knidos Ancient City which was home for a civilazition which was very progressive in the ancient times for science, art and architecture.

You can choose andy boat types from various options

When you decide to rent a boat you would have many options. Bodrum motor yacht charter, is mostly preffered by the ones who has limited times or likes speed in the sea. Bodrum gullet chartering s the most preffered option by the foreign and domestic tourists. You can have an unique holiday experience in the wonder of nature’s bay of Bodrum with the Traditional turkish Gullet. Bodrum Sailboat charter is ancheaper option, who wants to do sailing. With the Bodrum boat renatel option you can bothy have a holiday and do sailing sports. Bodrum catamaran chartering generally reffered by the ones who wants to have a comfortable holiday in a wide area. Whatever boat type you choose, Bodrum will glamourise you with its magnificent bays which smells history, clear water, energetic night life, and with many other details.

Pick any from various options

There are many Bodrum departured blue voyage routes as Bodrum is very close by to various holiday destinations. With the Bodrum boat charter you can have an unforgettable blue voyage tours on the may routes like; Göcek, Gökova, Greek Islands, and Hisarönü. You need to select your route regarding the way you want to spend your trip. For instance, you can pick Greek Islands if you would like to visit historical places, or weigh anchor to Göcek if you would like to have peaceful and silent environment with the sun, sea and nature trio. If you will go to Greek Islands, from the route of Bodrum – Twelve Islands, you can visit Rhodes, Symi, Nysiros and Kos Islands. As well as with north Twelve Island route you can visit Kos, Pserimos, Leros, Lipsi and Kalymnos islands.

Bodrum - Hisarönü - Bodrum
Bodrum – Hisarönü – Bodrum
Bodrum - Göcek - Bodrum
Bodrum – Göcek – Bodrum
Bodrum - Gökova - Bodrum
Bodrum – Gökova – Bodrum
Bodrum - South 12 Islands - Bodrum
Bodrum – South 12 Islands – Bodrum
Bodrum - North 12 Islands - Bodrum
Bodrum – North 12 Islands – Bodrum