Turkey is one of the best addresses to rent a boat

The turquoise blue sea, the sun caressing your skin, gorgeous pine forests, the virgin bays, the unique flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and a geography that smells history…

Because of its indented structure, Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean shores are very suitable for yacht charter and is home to Göcek, Bodrum and Marmaris which are the first destinations that come to mind around Europe when mentioned yacht tourism.

Gulet charter Turkey is one of the best options for blue cruise. You can have swimming breaks and enjoy the clear water of the bays that can not be reached from the land. You can sip your Turkish coffee across the sunset while you can enjoy watching the shades of blue, green and brown reflections in the middle of nature, you can count the stars while sleeping on the deck, and wake up to the new day with your restored energy. Also, Turkish gulets are worldwide famous for their authenticity and uniqueness. You should charter a gulet if you want to truly experience Turkey and its shores.

You can visit historical places close to the coast

Turkey has been home for many civilizations through the history because of its geographical location. Some of these civilizations were located on Anatolia’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Because of this reason, there are numerous archeological remains and ancient cities of Anatolia, Ancient Greece and Roman civilizations in the bays and holiday destinations. Even in some locations you can view hundreds of years old ancient architectures from your gulet. You can have a chance for a short trip to past in this geography which had witnessed the history by renting a boat in Turkey.

You can perform many different activities and spice up your boat holiday

In the bays where you will have swimming breaks, you can climb up to the shores and do activities like trekking and paragliding or you can enjoy water sports such as diving, snorkeling, wind surfing and canoeing. After a tiring day, you can experience new tastes in the restaurants at the holiday destinations, and have more idea about Turkish cuisine. After tasting the unique flavors of Turkish cuisine which is a synthesis of Anatolian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines, you can enjoy the colorful night life.

You can have a hotel comfort holiday during your blue cruise with Turkish gulet chartering

Turkish gulet which has been used for fishing in shallow waters and cargo transportation for ages is nowadays being used for blue voyage holidays. Lately Turkish gulets are equipped with new technology , modern materials and craftmanship and can be rented with a captain and a crew. The crew is responsible for the management, preparing the meals and service in the gulets. In this way only thing you need to do will be to enjoy the unique natural crystal clear water of Turkish Aegean and East Mediterranean sea.

Gulets also allow you to spend a boat holiday with your loved ones in general up to 16 people. Gulets provide amazing deals if you want to charter with a big group. Boat cruises in all coasts of Turkey are way more fun and original with gulets. Cruising with a gulet in Turkey is now easier than ever with Viravira.

Enjoy the speed and comfort with the option of a private yacht rental

Turkey is one of the best locations for renting a private yacht with its marinas and charter services that provide quality service. If you would like to have a comfy holiday or want to visit different holiday destinations during your limited time, you can discover the virgin bays of Aegean and Mediterranean seas and you may swim in turquoise water.

Discover the beauties of Istanbul also from the sea

You can discover Istanbul, the city of a synthesis of east and west across the sea. You may enjoy the green landscape with purple judas trees all along the bosphorus coast which connects Black Sea to Aegean Sea, as well as the mansions, palaces and historical buildings which are settled at the both sides of bosphorus, while you are having lunch on the private yacht that you have rented.

Boat cruise in Istanbul is a very popular way to explore the city. Bosphorus tours are always preferred by tourists, but some people particularly charter a private yacht to cruise around bosphorus with peace. If you wish you can also have a trip to Prince’s Islands that consist of 9 large and small ones like, Büyük Ada, Burgaz Ada, Kınalı Ada and Heybeli Ada where blue and green meet.

Turkey is one of the most suitable places for bareboat yacht chartering

Turkey has one of the most beautiful coasts and shores for bareboat yacht chartering. The inland Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea provide suitable environment with its protected bays and calm waters for amateur sailors in order to practice and gain more experience. If you have your necessary international sailing documents and have captainship experience, you can rent a sail boat or a catamaran without a skipper.

Viravira facilitates bareboat charter and allows you to make reservations with ease and in the most secure way possible.

By this way you can freely sail through the magnificent bays of Aegean and Mediterranean and within the beauties of the bays which are waiting to be discovered.